Upgrading from my original clone setup

Fellas I need some advice. I am upgrading from my original clone setup (Toshiba sdm1201 DVD reader/ Plex R820 writer) they both still work fine for 99% of my purposes but are slow and dont do the newer SD2 without AWS. It was a good setup when clone first hit the streets v1.00x.

I am a Plextor fan as they have served me well (except for the 12/10/32 in my other pc) so have looked at the PX-W4012A which seems to fit the bill as a writer, or my friend has a LTR-24102B brand new and boxed (£50) which also seems to be a good writer.
I cant make up my mind for a decent dvd reader, so you guys can get to pick which one I buy (I rip the occasional DVD/backup my sd2 titles like Renegade, which rocks by the way…best £29 I ever spent, except for RA2).

Any inputs would be most welcome before I go off and spend my money on naff hardware.


well one thing i can tell ya is that ltr-24102b is one of tha best drives out there for doing any safe disk v2 copying :slight_smile:
I have this drive :slight_smile:

as for reading i would recommend some toshiba drive because i heard they are picky when it comes to copied safe disk v2 disks so if a safe disk v2 copied disk (cd-r copy) works in a toshiba drive, odds are it will work in alot of other drives from what i heard. :slight_smile:

thats just my advice, but i only can tell ya for sure that that ltr-24102b is good go buy one :slight_smile: