Upgrading from Clone Cd

I have been using version It was an upgrad from version which I purchased from
Elby. I installed the new version ( over top so as not to lose
the registration. As it installed, it had trouble opening
the following files for writing. CloneCDTray.exe and ElbyCDIO.dll. I rebooted and was given a message that I was unable to load clone cd device driver error. I used the uninstall option from the program menu and uninstalled the registration. I reloaded version and got the message "unable to load clonecd device driver. After installation of clonecd windows has to be restarted. I uninstalled without removing the registration info this time and resinstalled, rebooting after the uninstall and after the reinstall. I keep getting the same error, even though windows has been rebooted multiple times. I uninstalled and reinstalled again and still get the same error.

Finally, I uninstalled and deleted all registry references except the line that looked like it might be a registration number. Anyway, I reinstalled successfully but it wouldn’t copy because it said that it was more than 21 days old.

Where do I go from here? I have my registration serial number but can’t register it. I filled out a communication form and sent it to slysoft and got a message back that was a copy of what I sent them but no reply to my question. I am pretty frustrated as I haven’t been able to copy a CD in three months.

please wait a wee while, slysoft will get back to you with a key, there a busy bunch of lads.

How long is a wee while? It’s been a week and no response. Any suggestions?