Upgrading firmware

i just bought a Sony DWU-18A 8x DVD±RW ReWriter and found out its a rebadged Lite-ON SOHW-812S and would like to upgrade the firmware to get good compatibility with standalone dvd playersxboxs etc and im not sure which firmware to upgrade it to i know that 832S.CG4E is the newest one but can i upgrade to this or do i have to upgrade an older fileand makemy way up to 832S.CG4E
last question which is the easiest way to upgrade i hae downloaded several files of here and would like to know which would be the most effectie to use

download this firmware and apply it:

@ jjbull
Yes, you can crossflash straight to an 812@832/CG4E using OmniPatcher. Here are the instructions.
I got that link from the very informative FAQs…you would benefit from taking a look…
You will also want to ‘reset learnt media’ with the EEPROM tool after crossflashing.

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bloody hellyou guys are quick thanks why do you reset learnt media after crossflashing

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“After crossflashing is one of the more important times to do a reset learn, as the burn logs may hold invalid data for the new firmware.”

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with omni patcher is there any of the general patches i should enable eg auto bit-setting etc

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forum favorites are ‘apply …media tweaks’(button), ‘increase…read speed…’, ‘enable auto-bitsetting’. Of course, you must select ‘enable crossflash’. The other three are for fixing/adjusting. Try your new firmware first before attempting to use those. Let us know how it goes:).

last question i hope but what is the best media to get a bigger % compatibility with standalone players + or -

-r media can be read by all dvd-players. if you booktype +r media to dvd-rom, they will be read like pressed discs. so there’s no difference, unless you set booktype.

the company that i ordered my drive has had to upgrade my drive to the Sony DWU-22A 16x as they were out of stock of the other drive and at no extra cost but the question is now which would be the best firmware to upgrade it to or is there not much benefit and which lite on drive is this rebadged from

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Hey good news on that upgrade…nice :iagree: .
You would benefit greatly from checking out the very informative FAQs :cool: . Or try using the ‘search’ function for your drive(hint:its a rebadged 1633 :wink: ). You may also find this thread helpful :smiley: . After you absorb all that, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile: .