Upgrading firmware, which one?

i have a nec 2500a and am using stock firmware 1.06. i have been getting great results with all my burns which have all been media code ricohjpn01. problem is all the discs will not play in my friends old panasonic dvd player. so i want to upgrade to a firmware that allows for bitsetting. i never burn any of my discs at 8x, so which firmware should i upgrade to? should i just upgrade to the HP 420i 1.27 firmware(which bitsetting is already included, right) OR is there any advantage of using herries firmware(1.07 v2 beta4)? i dont burn at 8x, i dont rip with my nec, and i wont be able to afford DL media anytime soon(which is why i didnt mention beta5). thanks in advance.

Either 1.07 v2b4 or v2b5 ( the 1 you didn’t mention ) would be fine.

You can’t burn RICOHJPNR01 8x with stock firmware.1.07v2b4 allows 8x on these disc’s and speed up a hell of a lot of others.If you don’t want to burn @8x set it to burn @6x.
1.07v2b4 has been the the most stable for me go for it. If you don’t like it flash to a different firmware.Ive flashed mine in windows about 12x now no trouble at all.Hope this helps.


If you own a LiteOn burner where you can perform KProbe tests on, or if you own a DVD-ROM that allows readouts on writable media at 12x or higher, I can’t see any problems in using Herries media hacked firmwares (1.07v2b4 or 1.07v2b5dl), because you will be able to test the readability of your burned discs, as not all media burned out of its specification give good results.
If you want to be sure not to overspeed your media and to get good quality with all your burns (hopefully ;)), I’d recommend the unmodified HP firmwares (420i 1.27 or 520i 2.21 with dl support), which you can download at the Dangerous Brothers’ site. Note that you have to flash these in a real DOS environment!