Upgrading firmware on Sony DW-D22A



I used LtnFW to upgrade the firmware on my Sony DW-D22A to the BYS3 version. It seems to be working fine but when I use LtnFW to compare the drive to the binary file it says, “Offset 0x0483 is different.” I hardly know anything about this stuff so I just thought I’d ask if that’s a problem and if I should go back to my backup of BYS2 or just go with BYS3 since it seems to be working fine. Thanks for any help or advice.


You can just ignore that; it’s normal.

That’s the result of the boot code not being updated, but since the boot code doesn’t affect drive performance and since the difference is just in the timestamp in the boot code, you should just ignore it; flash with Update Bootcode in the future if you don’t want to see the message.


Awesome, thanks dude!