Upgrading firmware on my NEC 2500A



I have a pretty old NEC 2500A with firmware v1.07 that I’d like to upgrade with the Liggy’s recent 2.0A firmware with bitsetting and all that other good stuff. I’m wondering if there are any special procedures that I need to follow, or is it as straightforward as using Binflash/Winflash to update the firmware to 2.0A?



Check the flashing guide on Liggy & Dee’s website, you’ll find it’s probably as straight forward as you think.


I installed the liggy 2510A 2.19 firmware on my 2500A. According to NEC it should of opened a gateway to hell but it hasn’t happened as of yet.


The conversion from 2500 to 2510 seems to be pretty safe. I’ve done it & so have many other members here & I don’t recall anyone saying they wished they hadn’t done it.


Thanks. In fact I flashed it like 5 min after posting and tried burning a DVD+R. What was previously only recognized as a 4X is now recognized as an 8X(the media was 16X verbatim). BIOS/Windows also recognizes it as a 2510A and so does NeroTool, so it was as straightforward as I thought. Now to try some DVD+R DL media :slight_smile:


Verbatim DL, I hope.


Verbatim’s good? I’ll keep a lookout then. I was just gonna get some made in japan ones, perhaps Taiyo Yuden. I heard they’re good. How good are TDK, Fujifilm, Memorex and Imation?


[B]Verbatim[/B] is the only option & then only the [B]2.4x[/B] variety as the firmware doesn’t support the 4x or 8x kind.

Don’t even consider anything else otherwise it’ll be a case of “I told you so”.


OK, thanks. Does it matter which Verbatim though? I was under the impression that Verbatim uses many different types of media, like CMC, TY, etc. I’m not familiar with DL stuff, but from what I remember TY stuff was good for DVD+R.


No, just get 2.4x.


OK boss :slight_smile: What about 8X DVD+R media? Any recommendations?


It looks like 16x Verbatim which are easy to find should work fine in the 2500 range. The support in the firmware is there but obviously will only burn at 8x. I prefer the +R variety myself but -R is good too.

If you can find any Verbatim 8x or Taiyo Yuden 8x +R then that would be a very good choice I believe.