Upgrading Firmware on External Sony DVD Drive

I purchased a Sony DVD RW Model number AW-Q170A external drive with a Galaxy Metal Gear box a little over 3 1/2 4 months ago and i wanted to know how can i upgrade the firmware?It has the ports for Firewire(Which i use for a mac)and a usb cable(which i use for a desktop)how can i upgrade without messing anything up.Thanks in advance!

When you say you use the firewire for a Mac and the USB for a desktop I assume this last one runs under Windows, but you can also use firewire to connect to the Win machine.
I’d prefer firewire for a firmware upgrade, considering that it uses a “direct” connection to the external box and USB uses the input/output of the desktop and makes the connection via the processor.
I’ve no experience with your drive, but I already made firmware upgrades to a Plextor 708A using a ADS dual (firewire/USB) external enclosure and I had no problem.
You have to check if the new firmware file uses windows or DOS and in this case if your boot floppy has all the controllers to recognize the external devices.
Providing this, using a stable power and following the manufacturer instructions will allow you to play the safe way, besides this being a risky operation.

Usually it is worth upgrading if you have problems or you have an old drive. Upgrading firmware has its risk.

To my best knowledge there is no upgrade for your drive, but you can check this thread: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=217929

Yes i use the firewire for the mac and usb when i attatch it to the desktop/laptop.It did not come with instructions on updating the firmware.

I think i do have the newest firmware i just wanted to know if i needed to flash it would it affect my external

I have a NEC Optiarc AD-7170A which is the same hardware as the AW-Q170A but with different firmware and branding. I’ve had no trouble flashing it in an external enclosure based on a Prolific PL-3507 chip and connected by USB to a Windows XP pc.

Using an enclosure based on a different chipset or using FireWire instead of USB could influence whether firmware flashing can be done or not, so it may depend on your setup.

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P.S. The Sony AW-Q170A is identical to the NEC Optiarc AD-5170A, which is the 7170 minus DVD-RAM support.