Upgrading firmware on External burner?

Can anyone tell me if upgrading firmware on an external DVD burner connected via USB2 is any different from upgrading a drive mounted internally?

I am toying with the idea of bunging a DVD burner (maybe a NEC 3500 or Pioneer 108) into a spare USB2 enclosure I have (made by Freecom) and would like to upgrade firmware as and when but I’d rather not tinker around with connecting up to an IDE port in my tower and flashing from there (I’m not very good with that side of things)

Has anyone attempted this and, if so, was it relatively easy?

Any help much appciated.

Nice forums too.

Should be no different. I have frequently updated the firmware on my BenQ 1620 while its inside the USB2 enclosure as I use it with a laptop only.

Thanks m8. You put my mind at rest there. :slight_smile: