Upgrading Firmware on a DVD Duplicator?

I have a 1 to 1 dvd duplicator DVD±R/RW/CD from RunTechMedia - Specs can be seen here:


BUT, it has a Pioneer 8x dvd-rom, and the dvr-107D recorder. The system says the firmware is 1.13

How do I exactly go about upgrading the firmware in one of these standalone units?

The menu system has an option to “update bios”, and I am not sure if it will work with the downloads here or not? All it says is that if it sees a newer bios it will update to the newer bios, then reboot, and the new version will be seen in the menu…Would this be the same file like I would download from the version 1.18 download link - Then just insert into the recorder and see what happens???

Any advice to make sure everything will possibly go as planned?



If you mean the firmware on pioneer writer, then only way I know is to remove drive from duplicator and plug it into pc to upgrade, but if you mean firmware for controller then you should get a file from supplier of duplicator and burn it to a cd and then upgrade using function on duplicator, hope this helps

I am not too sure what it is - but the burner (107D) says in the menu that the “bios” is version 1.13 ?

yeah movieman, i think you’ll have to stick the pioneer in ur computer and try to upgrade the firmware that way, the update is freely available from pioneers site.

Also, while we’re on the subject, I’m thinking of getting one of these duplicators… how do they copy the disc? I imagine that it reads the disc whilst at the same time burning the data from memory to the blank disc and making a copy? I can’t see that it would rip it to something first as it doesn’t seem to have a hard disk, so I imagine it would be on the fly. If that is the case, does it burn just as quick as it would burning it from a HD on a computer, in about 8 minutes?

It just reads from the dvd-rom, so if you have a 4x “master disc”, you can only achieve a 4x speed in the recorder. They do have models with harddrives, and I assume they achieve faster speeds.

I just ordered some TY 8x media and will be using it soon for my masters, and to dub too, so it should be running fine! I was using the Ritek G04’s with perfect results in a hundred spindle - no coasters…


is the duplicator by accard if it is there is a download on the site for the firmware but that only update the contorller you have to take the writer out and flash it in a pc i have done it and i am burning with a pioner 108 at 8 speed in a one 2 one

Tech support contacted me and said I could update it, but would have to pull it from the box and upgrade the drive’s firmware on a computer - thus voiding the warranty…

You can update it just in the Duplicator,
When connecting to your pc, exute the offical update tool ,then it will report something.
If it report one device found then just press yes to finish the procedure.

If you want to write at 8x in duplicator, you need hacked firmware for reader, to enable it to read dvd-r at full speed, but you could also use +r as masters and booktype to dvd rom, I have an acard 1:1 with 166s and pioneer 107 does complete disc in about 8:40. I still think both reader and writer will have to come out in order to do this

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How to Update Your Duplicator's BIOS. you need to update

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ineed update (zenith dvd11

Ask the manufacturer/supplier.