Upgrading firmware of HP 9600se (SCSI ext) with changed Plextor 4012TS firmware?



Hello. I’m not that new to computers, but new to firmware upgrading. Basically, I have a Plextor SCSI ext unit which works perfectly with factory defaults (so does Yamaha CRW-F1 SX). The unit is NOT used with a PC, but in a CCTV surveillance system for backup of the video from a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). So you can’t change any setting in that system, it either works straight from the factory, or it doesn’t.

I want to start using the HP 9600SE drive, because it’s 1/4 of the price of the Plextor, and Yamaha has stopped the production of the above mentioned drive. However, the HP doesn’t work as it is.

Is it possible to compare the firmware of the Plextor (and Yamaha) with the HP one, change few “options” and reprogramme the HP???

From my limited experience, I don’t expect the HP to work if just programmed with the Plextor firmware. It will probably ruin the drive.

But comparing and changing firmware would mean that I have to get a sort of “source code” and not just the BIN file. I probably need something I can understand, not just 1s and 0s.

Do any of you more experienced users think this can be done? And can someone give me few directions where such source code can be found pls?

Thanks a lot in advance to anyone that can give me some sort of guiding and help. Cheers.