Upgrading Firmware for DVR-K05

I went to the pioneer website to download the latest firmware (b/c my writer hangs after a certain point during writing data on a DVD+R) and it states: WARNING - Improper flashing of firmware may result in an inoperable drive.

What does this mean? Can someone give me a procedure on upgrading the firmware? Is it as simple as running the firmware’s *.exe?


Your problem is most likely related to CRAP media, nothing else!

Buy and test your drive with better & reliable media at different speeds!

The k15 has new firmware I didnt see any for the k05


AFAIK, the K-05 and K-15 have the same hardware. But the K-05 is a HH-drive (standard), the K-15 is a Slimline drive (Laptop).
Sorry, seem no firmware available for the K-05 yet.