Upgrading dw800a

i have a khypermedia dvd drive that is a benq dw800a. it has firmware B2H7 on it. it is only 8x +r. if i want to upgrade it to ±r and dl, should i do it in a specific order, or just upgrade to b5n7 on dw800a DUAL on http://dvdpro.club.st/firmware/BENQ_FW.htm, or i thought i saw you could also upgrade to 822 and then 830

You can upgrade to the 822 firmware using a hack described here:

and then update to the newest 822 firmware B3LC(2) for 8x DVD-R and 2.4x DVD+R DL capabilities.

DVD-R works fine for me this way but I have not yet tested DVD+R DL (media too expensive)

I have 2 800a’s that I have tried different firmwares on. I got very different -R results with the 800a dual firmware verus the 822a firmware. The 800a dual burns -R fairly well but had problems with some Ritek R02 + media that I have. The 822a firmware burns the Ritek R02 great but never finishes a -R burn. I tried this on both drives with very similar results. By the way, they are both Khypermedia branded from OfficeMax. I have not tried DL yet and probably never will, I will use my Cyberdrive 162DX for that if the media ever gets affordable.