Upgrading drive f/w only, on a hacked LiteOn LVW-5005 (US)


I have a U.S. LiteOn LVW-5005, MV & Region hacked back to 0098.
I suspect I need to update my DRIVE f/w to recognize these new 16x DVDs
which are now available. My LiteON is the only machine that can reliably read the disks it creates, otherwise I love the thing.

Does anyone know if I can update my DRIVE f/w without updating my SYSTEM f/w? What version DRIVE f/w would be a compatable upgrade for SYSTEM&DRIVE hack LNFA1098.ES3?

Also–I"d like to experiment by installing the latest f/w available from LiteOn. Does anyone know if I upgrade to LNFA1101.ES0.0102.184x, if
I will later be able to re-downgrade back to the hack 098?

Note: sorry for the multiple post, I’ve also posted on normedia
thanks to all,

Another member flashed to latest LiteOn firmware to fix 16x media problem and then flashed back to 098 mod version resulting in fixed 16x media problem and regain MV and region free. I did same with my unit even though I’ve not used 16x media yet because I want to be ready when I do. Don’t know if it matters, but I suggest flash back first with official 098 and then flash with mod 098 which is what I did upon suggestion of another member.

all the liteon disks seem to play on cyberhome cheap 25 dollar dvd players.


thanks this is exactly the kind of info I was looking for. Please more specifics though…when the other memver flashed to latest from liteon was that both system and drive f/w? and then when went back to the hack, was that system f/w only? if they had a US 5005A (lvw-5005) I"d be interested in the exact f/w numbers.
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Both system and drive f/w was used by other member, but he didn’t specify the f/w numbers. The f/w number I used that worked on my unit are detailed at http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=183223&page=2 if that helps.