Upgrading CPU

I am trying to help a friend upgrade her laptop.

She has a Gateway MX6436

It currently has a AMD Sempron 3300 cpu (754 socket), I was looking for a faster cpu, however I cant find any specs of the motherboard.

I am not sure at what I am able to upgrade too.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Maybe you can find one on Ebay, I found a socket 939 not long ago.:wink:

Laptop CPU’s usually are not upgradeable, at least not in the sense you are thinking.

Laptops have specific cooling requirements, any change to that will result in a machine that can not adequately dissipate heat. At best it will run warmer, at worst it will damage the system.

Some models will allow a faster CPU, but the difference in performance won’t be that noticeable. If you can upgrade that model, you could expect to go to 2.2GHz, type of thing, you wouldn’t be able to upgrade to a newer CPU model or 3GHz clock speed.