Upgrading an 812S into an 832S

Hi Guys,

I Have Litenon 812s And I Want To Know How Change It In Liteon 832. I’m Sorry But My English Is Not Very Good. I Have Already Saved All Files From Codeguys. You Know The Rights Procedure To Do Read My Burns In Dl?



First of all welcome second go to the codeguys web page and download the 832 firmware of your choice (recommend CG3E or newer :bow:)
get the latest version omnipatcher and patch the firmware to your heart content :wink: the will be thing that you posibly dont understand so dont touch them my recomendations are Recommended tweaks,speedupx 8,auto bitsetting,enable crossflashing(this is obligatory) and thats all I recomend that you read the thread for the tool and hit us back with your result.

codeguys answer
A: Please visit this page: http://codeguys.rpc1.org/oc.html. If, after reading this page, you still have questions, please post them in the forum.