Upgrading a Verbatim 321240A to a Lite-On

Hi, I just got a Verbatim 321240A from Staples for $-10 last nite after MIR:) Anyways…I want to upgrade this to a Lite-On so i can use DirectCD and to make it faster…how do i do this? What LiteOn firmware should I use, where can i get it, and how do i flash it? Thanks! …btw im running winxp

There’s a wealth of information in the sticky threads in this forum.
It all depends on which drive you actually have there.
According to THIS THREAD , you appear to have a 32123S, which can be flashed up to a “pretend” 40125S with the special firmware found in THIS THREAD . Be sure you are very sure of the syntax for MTKFlash, it’s the most common mistake made in flashing. since you have a “free” drive there, go for it!

ok im gettin another problem now…my mtkflash wont read off the a drive…my c drive is ntfs so i use a win98 bootdisk and boot w/o cd drivers but the thing is…my a drive works fine…but i wont read mtkflash…idk whats up with that?


In order to use the MTKFlash, the floppy must be bootable in DOS.

Find a Windows computer and format two floppies with the Windows (DOS) system files copied, allowing it to be bootable. Then copy MTKFlash to the discs.

Use the first disc to backup your present firmware. Load the Lite-on firmware on the second disc to be flashed to the drive.