Upgrading 98 to Xp?

hey if i were to upgrade windows 98 to xp … would i lose existing files that are on win 98? say like games or just like music, docs … etc … thanks

If you have an actual “upgrade” disc, you can install over windows 98, this is not the best way to go, as a clean install of xp after backing up all important data would be best.

When I installed XP I chose a different location than where win98 was located just so I would have a dual boot option. Many programs installed in win98 have newer versions for xp so won’t work with xp. I have been able to do some troubleshooting from win98 a few times since then so I’m glad I kept both. Just remember that if you create any NTFS partitions for XP to allow large files over 4 gig etc… Win98 won’t be able to access those partitions so keep software and files needed in both windows versions on fat32 partitions.

yea that the reason i want to go to xp … cuz i dont think 98 supports ntfs and i want to use files larger than 4gigs … so i guess clean install is best way?

A clean install is best because you can’t save the win98 program associations anyway and you can keep the dual boot. It doesn’t hurt to have it for a while.
I rarely use win98 now but I liked having it at first until I got everything reinstalled on xp.
There is a pause on boot-up to allow you to select which version of window you want but the boot.ini file in the root of the boot drive can be easily edited to auto select your default and to minimise the wait time if you don’t want to press a key.

NTFS is the way to go for video capture, dvd processing etc… because that 2 and 4 gig limit is gone.

btw) Whichever way you choose, it won’t write over any mp3 or video’s files or anything. After XP is installed and when you create your NTFS partitions there is always a risk so make sure to back up critical stuff. I have never had a problem in adjusting space or moving partitions on my hdd but I’ve heard that some have.