I’m pretty sure I used to get an auto ptompt asking me if any upgrades are available It doesn’t seem to do that now and I can’t find where on the website this facility is.

If you are referring to Fab products, its dvdidle.com…if using Fab, check your settings and make sure the “check for updates” option is,… “checked”!

I know what website to go to, just not where on that site the upgrade facility is. My box is checked. Yesterday I got the check for upgrade box again and when I accepted it just took me to the website.

Technically, it is not an upgrade but a new version that installs instead of the existing version. On the website click on downloads, choose the product and there you go. BTW, it is better to uncheck the option in the program and visit the site or this forum regularly.

DVDFab will check the update for every 7 days, so it may need several days to ask you to upgrade when a new version is out.