Upgrades screwing up computer?

I’ve had anydvd for almost two years now and I’ve really never had many issues with it. However lately there seems to be some snafu and I’m hoping it’s not just me. (Although I was never able to find any other posts on this subject so it it very well could be.) About 2-3 months ago I upgraded (but no clue as to which version it was.) The next day I wasn’t able to get online with my computer. I checked EVERYTHING with my cable connection and I couldn’t find anything. I could get on yahoo messanger so I figured I had to be connected but I couldn’t get on any webpage and AIM wouldn’t work either. After a couple days of this a friend suggested system restore and it worked like a charm. A month later the same thing happened again. And a few weeks later (two days ago) it happened yet again however these two times I don’t recall having updated anytime recently. Well last night I did another update and surprisingly enough I wasn’t able to get online today. Did another system restore to before I upgraded and everything is perfect again. Has anyone else had this issue? If you have, any tips?

I can assure you, that your problem is in no way related to the AnyDVD software. You may have some other (spyware/virus/trojan/rootkit?) problem.

sorry IT is just you
nobody has any problem
not even a 1
You must have spyware sometime after the restore point

no problems ever on my end like that and I have had AnyDVD for a couple years and update right away every time there is one

What has been posted is most likely the problem… Most IT people will agree that malware / spyware is a MUCH bigger problem than a virus issue. I found the following to be helpful and perhaps you should check out the URL.

Below is a small part of from that link…

How To Clean An Infected Computer
by Randy D. Stafford
November 26, 2004

Cleaning an infected computer today has become harder than ever. To effectively clean your system you must first learn a little about what you are trying to get rid of and what tools you need to get the job done. I’m going to try to give you some of the background, followed by the basics of getting rid of these pests.

Today there are a variety of things that can infect your computer such as viruses, worms, trojans and spyware. I refer to all of them as parasites since that word seems to best describe them. I find it best to use a multi-pronged approach to fighting parasites, so I use several software programs to find and get rid of them. Hopefully, by giving you a little of the background, you will be able to learn what tools to use and when to use them so that you may clean your computer of these parasites.

Viruses were the first computer bugs, and anti-virus (AV) software was made specifically to detect and get rid of these. Worms are a little different than viruses, which is one reason why AV software has a harder time catching them. Finally came trojan horses, usually just called trojans. These are very different than both viruses and worms. They actually take advantage of the weaknesses that are inherent in AV software. For one, most trojans actually try to hide from being detected by AV software. They also work “smarter” by creating hidden copies of themselves so that when they do get detected and cleaned, they can re-infect the computer with the hidden copy right after the AV software cleans the original infection. Basically, trojans are AV software’s worst nightmare simply because AV software wasn’t designed to specifically go after this type of threat. Today, AV software is much better at detecting all types of parasites than before but they will need to be redesigned and start using multiple methods if they are ever going to be effective against all parasites.

Spyware isn’t a new bread of parasite. It is simply a combination of various computer exploits and they utilize various combinations of scripts, trojans and worms. Currently they take advantage of trojans the most since they are harder to detect and clean properly. Anti-spyware (AS) software was created specifically for detecting and cleaning this type of parasite, so when it comes to trojans and some worms, AS software is much better equipped to fight these than the AV software is.

First, you will need to get some software programs to help you. The following programs are what I use personally. Not only do I trust them, but they are also free for personal use. The companies that provide the free software, also provide software that they sell for use in a commercial environment. Usually, the free versions are just as good but simply don’t have as many of the extra features which make the commercial versions even more attractive to use.

Read the step by step procedure… One caveat I would add… completely disconnect your system from the internet after you have all that you need. There are “nasties” out there that will try to download a fresh version if they think you are trying to remove them.