Upgrades after v1.x?

I am thinking to buy DVD2ONE but you only entitle to get upgrades until v2.0 comes out. Do I have to buy the program again after v2.0? Or is it gonna be to a reduce price? Just need some info about it…


As slow as the updates are I dont think you’ll have to worry about v2.x for a few years.


Considering that DVD2ONE already does the job it advertizes to do, I wouldn’t worry so much about how often upgrades and bugfixes are dealt with. Many of the problems that you see listed in this forum are the result of user error (mostly people changing the original DVD’s content, not doing it correctly, then wondering why their DVD2ONE-reprocessed product doesn’t work).

Thinking about it logically, the program you WOULDN’T want to buy is the one that has updates pouring out every other week. Why would a programer continue fixing a program that was never broken in the first place? Plus – as a software user – how many times have you seen patches and “fixes” that had bugs all their own? I can think of a few.

Simply put: DVD2ONE gives you a simple means to make a backup of your DVDs. It’s not “one click,” but it’s pretty damned close. Just want the movie and a few soundtracks? It can do that. Want a full-bore copy of everything that’s on the disk? It can do that, too. In other words, I recommend it. I’ve purchased it, and even after nearly 20 backups using this program, have no complaints.