Upgraded PC, now my LiteOn 12101B won't work :(

Hi All,

Just upgraded my PC with the following components:

Athlon 1700XP Processor
Gigabyte GA-7DXP Motherboard
256Mb Hyundai DDR Ram

Now, my LiteOn 12101B does not function properly. In Nero I get “Could not perform fixation” errors. Pretty much the same thing in Easy CD Creator. It also take a very long time to read discs (around 3 mins). Sometimes it won’t even read them. I was using XP. I then installed ME which I was using originally before the upgrade. But the same thing happens. I took the burner over to my brothers place who is using my old computer running Win98, and it works fine. So therefore the burner must be working OK. It appears to be conflicting with my new hardware. Any ideas? Can’t afford to upgrade to a new burner just yet, especially knowing that the burner actually works.

Thanx guys…

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this is just a guess but try CLEAN installing either windows xp or windows me from a freshly formatted hard drive and see if this works :slight_smile:

good luck :slight_smile:

Sorry, should have stated that earlier. After I upgraded I did clean installs (formatted drive then installed OS) for both XP and ME.

1: make sure it’s at you main IDE controller and not connected as secondary slave.
2: make sure that DMA is enabledfor it (read my FAQ in case you want to know how).
3: Try another brand of CD-R discs.

Thanx for the replies guys, but I have ensured that it is set correctly as master and not slave. The different brand of CDR’s don’t make a difference as the drive works perfect on another machine. I checked the latest patches for the motherboard, but none of them fix anything related to this problem. Any other ideas guys? Please!?

  1. Update your motherboard BIOS. I presume the patches you refer to do not include the BIOS.

  2. Disable the IMAPI (CD Burning software) that comes bundled with XP.

  3. Uninstall ALL burning software, clean the registry of any entries related to these software and reinstall Nero. Try with Nero alone. Please reboot after each steps in this part.

  4. Try ASPI update.

  5. Disable any other ATA/IDE drivers you might have loaded, other than Windows bundled.


You could try to install the latest 4-in-1 drivers from VIA, get them HERE
It may well be that these are not to blame, because on second thought I think fairly new ones are included in XP?:confused:

Thanx guys… Will try the VIA drivers and see how I go…