Upgraded my firmware and now my drive is dead

here is my model : Optorite DD0203
i installed Firmware v 2.5 which i downloaded from cdfreaks.com
i installed the firmware it upgraded told me i had to reboot. i hit ok and hit ok again by accident. so it installed the firmware for a second time
i rebooted my computer and the drive is dead now it wont even power on

did i mess up the drive by installing the firmware twice in a row?

This fixed my DD0203
I did the exact same thing and was very pissed. I took the drive out and was about to send it in (I couldn’t get a hold of the company though). I didn’t want to wait so i figured, what the hell I can’t mess it up anymore. So I popped it in another comp and same prob. the BIOS wont even recognize it. I looked on the back and saw “Factory Setting Only” jumpers. The jumper was on the farthest two pins it could be (i dont remember if it was left or right) so I put it one over.

Originally something like this:
| . . . .
| . . . .

I did this:
. | . . .
. | . . .

And to my extreme suprise the BIOS recognized it. I booted into windows and flashed the drive. Then I changed the jumper back to normal. And to this day (that was 3 months ago), the drive works perfect, even flashing the drive to a newer version works.
It reminds me of the Gigabyte mobos with dual BIOSes. I guess if this doesn’t work for you, you should send it in for replacement, I hear they are really good about replacing the drives.

Hope this helps,

On my DD0203, the factory setting is all the way to the right.


. . . . |
. . . . |