Upgraded from stock 451S to 832S, now PC reboots repeatedly



I have upgraded my 451S burner with the 832S firmware with the hopes of being able to burn dual-layer discs. The flasher said that the flash was successful and asked me to reboot my PC. When I rebooted my PC into XP, the ‘new hardware found’ icon popped up in the system tray with a bubble that said ‘CD-ROM Drive’ and after about 30 seconds my computer automatically rebooted. It has been doing this repeatedly. Have I fucked up my drive? How 'bout my Windows install? I’m really scared right now, guys. Anything you could do to help would be very much appreciated.

Update: It appears that the drive is able to read CDs fine under Linux. Hopefully this is a good sign!


This is an OS-related problem.

This sounds more like a problem with M$ Windows and problems with the device drivers. You would get this same problem even if you had flashed to an official firmware because whenever any part of the drive changes–whether it is the name or the firmware revision or both–Windows redetects the device as a brand new device that just happened to be sitting in the same place as the old one. And it installs this “new” device as a new piece of hardware complete with drivers. Normally, this isn’t a problem, but sometimes, Windows can be screwy.


Do you have any sugestions? Anyhting I can do in safe mode perhaps?


if you have a nforce2 board and are using the nforce ide drivers ive seen that happen…i fixed mine by uninstalling the nforce2 ide drivers.


I’m not sure. This is really starting to frustrate me. Not only can I not get into XP, but Safe Mode crashes at startup! Is there anything I can do from the recovery cancel?


Disconnect the optical drives from the IDE cable and try booting. If successfull, then uninstall the IDE controller in XP and reboot. If still successfull, then shut down and reconnect the drives and try again.

You have a corrupted XP driver, so a repair install of XP might be the last resort.


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This problem has also happened to me once before when flashing my LiteOn drive’s firmware, except it only BSODed/rebooted once and then it was okay. That result is consistent with your explanation. What I’m wondering is… Would it be better to flash the drive, then use the Windows Device Manager to uninstall the drive and then reboot? Uninstalling the drive has no effect on the firmware.