Upgraded by accident...Can't burn DL or Regular now...Oops. What can be undone?

I had everything working perfectly:

Nero, Slysoft Anydvd, Upgraded NEC 2510A Driver/Firmware,…Successfully burned dozens of copies.

Then a couple of weeks ago, I updated some software on my computer and I don’t remember if it was the firmware or driver but now I can’t burn DVDs. Whenever I put in the dvd to burn, it says that I have bad media. I just recently bought verbatim DL and wanted to use it but the first 3 disks were bad. I don’t believe it. Then I put in some old Ridata which is what I used before and that doesn’t work either. So I screwed up something and don’t know how to fix it.

Driver Version 5.1.2535.0 Firmware Version: 2.18

What should/can I do to fix it?



System Restore maybe?

Oh well.
Use the latest official firmware and use good DL, no crap media.

Thanks for your help. I did a system restore and all is well…

Im curious. What did you update? I did a couple of M$ “Critical updates” few days ago and many drop down menu’s like at CNN and other news sites started to give me weird errors. Not wanting to even deal with it, one system restore. Hid the updates on M$ update site and won’t even revist them again. They are geting real flakey in Redmond lately :confused:

Now they got netframe work 2.0 up as an option. I hid that to :iagree:
I think I got all the updates I will ever need. Turning the notify update thing off

I don’t remember but it was something to do specifically with the driver/firmware on my NEC 2510. I was on a website which searched my computer for any updates available, and I went ahead to updated my drive.
If it works, don’t update it: My new rule!

system restore doesn’t undo firmware updates