Upgraded 24123S to 32123S... and XSOU firmware - 24x max!

Hey everyone new here… anyway I’ve got a LTR24103S, downloaded the patched firmware from this board and it upgraded sucessfully, i then downloaded the latest LTR32123S XSOU firmware from liteon’s site again no probs there! Thank god!

When i first ran Nero i could select 32x, 8x, or 4x speeds only… then i put a CDR in and all the speeds from 4-24x showed up but NO 32x!!! I then looked in the recorder info bit in nero and it said 24x max recording speed! What!!! Anyway i downloaded latest nero and installed that and i could select 32x now, until i put in a cdr and its got back to 24x now and the same in recorder info 24x max! Whats the deal here??! Im mystified, CD Mate only allows a max of 24x aswell.

Is this an unsuccessful patch??? Or is it just nero/cdmate? Anyone else upgraded from a 24x to 32x and got the latest 32x firmware??

Thanks in advance!



PS I can only read at 12x now aswell… DAMN :mad:

You annoyed your writer with shitty cdr-media. The liteon writes lots of media at 32x, but he likes the Taiyo Yuden best. Try them.

To get 32X writing:

Insert media that the Lite-On supports writing at 32X. You may use nero CD-Speed to do a simulate test-burn and see what speed it will write at with your media.

To get 40X reading:

Insert a data/music disc that the Lite-On supports reading at full speed. Then 40X will show up.

As easy as that. :slight_smile:

can i upgrade my 24103s under xp?? (i mean to the 32 speed)
and doesn’t it matter on which IDE cable it is, or master/slave??

i do not want to kil my new drive

please hurry…can not wait to flash it…lol

Yes you can upgrade under XP.
And it doesn’t matter what IDE it is.

And we don’t want you to kill your drive either. :slight_smile:



you know that i am talking about the patched firmware?

i upgraded it…without killing it…32 speed…nice

It is! :slight_smile:

is it smart to upgrade to the latest firmware??

It won’t give you trouble if you do it correctly…
I always upgrade (I like upgrading :cool: ) whenever a new version of something comes out…