I am going to upgrade my system. I am thinking of buying a amd athlon 6400+ processor and a geforce 8800gt graphics card. Can someone tell me the best AM2 motherboard. I am thinking of buying a Asus CrossHair NF590 SLI. I am going for a gaming pc. My budgey has to under 500 pounds. OR Should i wait till next year to upgrade my pc.

My current Specs.

Amd Athlon 2000+
Nvidia Riva TNT2 Riva Model 64. Blew my 4600 model so right now got a crap one.
512mb Ram.

Is there any reason you are going AMD?

Personally I would be looking at Intel for a gaming chip if you are going to be upgrading the whole system including motherboard.

AMD did have a good lead over intel chips until intel released the core2duo chips.

I used to be an AMD fan and every single PC in my house had an AMD chip except that my new PC has a quad core intel and leaves the AM2 5000+ system I had standing.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you are doing the wrong thing and everyone should buy intel because AMD still have some very good chips. My new HTPC system is built around an AMD chip because they have the best integrated HD graphics and cheapest high speed low power cpu that uses the least power under idle (which is what I need in an HTPC).