Upgrade with firmware IDE1004 to 1008?

Does anyone know if it is possible to do a firmware upgrade for an IDE1004 to make it an IDE1008?? :confused: I have read some where else on here that another brand is providing one for their 8x to 12x just dont remember where I seen it

current firmware: 0350


yes it is possible, but you will not be able to burn medias @8x. i updraded my 1004 to an 1008 to solve the problem with ritekg04 medias. now i´m able to burn them @4x successful in a good qaulity.

The 1008 DVD burner in all testing is much more solid at 4x, it tends to have problems at 8x. Burn accordingly.

If I remember correctly, the internals of both drives are identical with the exeption of the laser pickup. The newer pickup in the 1008 is the reason it can write at 8X. The 1004 cannot and most probably never will write at 8X. It is fine to use the 1008 fw on the 1004 as long as you don’t try burning at > 4X.

The 1008 is really more of a 4x burner in my mind anyway, despite what it said on the outside of the box. At over $1 a disc, the coasters can start to get expensive.

Hmm may i ask if there is any 8x BTC Burner out who can burn good at 8x i doubt it. O.o

I don’t think there is. The 1108 can burn + and - at 8x, but the results were not good in most reviews.