Upgrade to Sony D56A

I upgraded my Dell 600m to the Sony DVD±RW-D56A (purchased from DELL) and the new drive will not recognize a DVDRW. I installed myDVD, DLA, and PowerDVD provided with the drive (clean install). When I insert a DVDRW and select format with SonicDLA I get a message “media is read only”. I can go to Windows Explorer and write a file to the DVD. Once complete the drive shows the properties of the file but I can not read it. And it appears the DVDRW is now a DVDR. The firmware is PDS3 and I was going to update it to PYS1 using the LiteOn firmware backup and flashing tool but I can not find the PDS3 firmware. Can anyone assist with this problem.

Thanks in advance.

you can find all available firmware versions in my firmware library thread:


however you don’t need the old version to upgrade to a newer one.