Upgrade to overcome SD2.51



Ok I have successfully backup many SD2 discs; however with the new SD2.51 my configuration fails. Copies are produced correctly Clony XXL even reports copies are SD2.51 but get an MOHAA.exe error on program execution. Originals work fine with install, which was undertaken with copies.

I’m looking at getting an LTR-24102B or 3212S (speed might not be worth the difference in price) I understand both these can do SD2.51. Any comments?

BTW: Seems to be a lot of confusion with SD2 and SD2.51; SD2.51 is different and much harder to copy.


The 40x is getting cheaper and cheaper, if you want to be top notch.
Or you could get any of the two, you’ll be happy anyways. :slight_smile: