Previous Upgrade:
1: Replaced the IDE Cable in the case with an IDE cable with two connectors.
2. Attached a Y-Power splitter cable
3. Attached a HD to the extra connectors whenever I wanted to use HD.


  1. Bought a Removeable HD Drawer (SNT127A)
  2. Did some modifications with its cardboard box to fit it like an external case and stuck it on top of LG GSA 5160D enclosure.
  3. The extra connectors are attached to the Drive drawer.
  4. Two HDs are put in two HD Trays.
  5. am able to hotswap HDs
  6. am able to use DVD writer just by turning the key of the HD drawer (which turns the drawer off.

So far so good.


Using two HDDs and GSA-5160D all connected to the original GSA-5160D box? Pictures please! :slight_smile:


Here is the link to the Old thread with some pictures:


I will post the new pictures with a swappable enclosure tonight after I reach Home.


You are a hero. :bow:


Opened top with longer IDE Cable with two connecters and a Y-Power splitter Cable


Front view of the DVD Drive with attached HD Drive Drawer with HD Tray inside. The new case is stuck to the top of LG Drive with double sided mounting tape. It is very difficult to get it off once stuck. I had tough time getting it off after I accidently pasted the cardboard case upside down.


Back view with everything setup…no ugly cables.


View from the side


The case of HD Drawer (Made from its card board box and Duck Tape)…has a big hole for Air circulation. Can see the vents on the HD Tray Caddy.


The HD tray/caddy is out. Can see another big hole on the underneth of the mod-case…to allow air circulation. There is a space between the DVD Enclosure and the mod-case (about 4mm) for air.

Now I don’t have to take cables out to use the DVD Drive. A turn of the keys takes power off the HD…

1…turn the Drive switch off…at the back.
2. turn the HD Keys…to take the power supply off.
3. Turn the drive switch back ON to use the DVD Drive.

reverse to use HD.


HD caddy…sliding out of the drawer. This is one HD, I have another caddy with HD. Now I can easily swap HDs with more caddys.


Another view of HD sliding out


One more view from the top.


Thanks for the pictures. :slight_smile:

Is the small size because of lack of bandwidth or camera features? (Sorry to say but 100Mbps with unlimited bandwidth for US$20/month is common here.)


I had to scale down the size coz it would not upload due to the limitations on the size of attachments. I originally took them at VGA size. then reduced to 200xXXX pixels.



Oh, I see. CDFreaks attachment features were not allowed for non-staff members before and it was generous enough to allow 100KB-limit attachment. I personally have my own web/ftp server so size isn’t problem, but there are some free file hosting services that allow hot linking over the web. I think you reduced to too small size. 640*480 size should be OK here if compressed highly enough using either JPEG or PNG format.


If you want I can send it to your email. I mean the original pics. PM your email to me.