Upgrade to dvdfab platinum

I downloaded DVDFAB Platinum, and when there are changes to this program or there is a new version, how am I notified, so that I can apply the changes or download a newer version

how do I know when there is an upgrade or change to DVDFAB Platinum? Where do I find the upgrade or changes?

How does this work?

I am a novice.


Hi Joe and welcome to cdfreaks,

You can enable auto notify in common settings (click on the little gear icon on the top right). You still will have to download and install manually.
You can always look right here on the forum, both beta versions and final versions will be posted as a sticky at the top with the respective links. The final versions are downloaded from Fengtao’s home site.

Hope this helps.

Sorry, I should have added that when installing new versions (including beta) simply install right on top of the current version. In other words, just download and click [B]run[/B] and you’re all set. If you choose to revert to an older version, you’d have to uninstall.

dvdfab updates faster than i can download. i just updated from beta to and just a week later, May 12th, 2007
DVDFab Platinum Updated!

amazing it just keeps getting better and better.

if you download here then you will always have the latest full release. and as said by our man maineman, you can be notified of updates on program start.

I didn’t know that you needed to uninstall to revert back to an older version. I’ve just been installing the old versions over the newer ones. Have had no problems.

Really…you must have Fab reversion [B]Mojo[/B]… :stuck_out_tongue:
Never worked for me…I don’t recall, but I think the reversion isn’t true to the version unless you uninstall.
I’m tempted to try, but I don’t want to muck things up. Maybe I’ll give it a shot on one of the older pcs.

This can get messy…
I started with a quick-download trial version. Then bought the whole Platinum version, and it naturally installed in a slightly different place and left the “old” version behind, still runnable! So, now I have downloaded the last 3 updates, and just keep forgetting to actually install them, of course…

When I start the install, you can see that it wants to create yet another new folder location (DVDFab Platinum 3).

Anyone want to suggest whether I should just re-direct it to the original folder (D:\Program Files\DVDFab Platinum) or do I let it create a new sub-sub folder for this release?

Mainly I’m just concerned that it will clobber the current install and “forget” my settings (read: CSS settings).

Really wish it would have just “found” the installed copy and plunked right over it on its own…



Just a quick word on the “enable auto notify in common settings” if you run a firewall on your PC – you may need to configure this to allow the program to have full access to the net for updates.

I had an issue where my firewall (ZoneAlarm), wasn’t allowing the access and consequently did not get the notification there was a new version available. Once I changed this within [B]ZoneAlarm[/B] (not DVDFab) everything worked fine.

Basically both programs where doing as they should but this setting meant no notificaitons.


Hi John and welcome to cdfreaks,

First off, there’s no difference between the “quick-download trial version” and the retail version. They differ only in terms of how long they can be used, ie., trial=30 days, whereas with a paid license, it is the life of the product.
The downloadable programs are the same for everyone.

My program (platinum) is installed on my c: drive. This is the default location for installation, the same as most software programs. Back when Fab 3 was pre-retail and we were beta testing, I had various apps installed on 3 or 4 hdds. If I recall correctly, all of the installs defaulted to c:…so I had to manually choose other hdds.
You must’ve done the same with your d: hdd.

If you wish to keep the program installed on d:, you will probably have to manually choose this hdd with each new version. This will maintain your current settings. As long as you choose the same location each time for your install, you will not create multiple applications, ie., each version will install on top of the previous. This manual selection is avoided if it’s c: (the default location).

As far as archiving versions…simply choose a location, create a folder and download them there first and then run the installation. This way should you choose to revert to a previous version, etc., you’re all set.

Hope this helps.