Upgrade to 1640?

Long time viewer, 1st time poster!
My dilemma is whether to upgrade to the 1640…2 months ago I bought an aopen 1616 for round 30 bucks after rebates. Now I can get a 1640 for 38 bones.

How much better is the 1640? And is it worth upgrading? Thanks sooooo much.


well my friend i have a plextor 716 and a benq 1620 but i wanted in on the 1640 solidburn party so i bought 2 benq 1640s and so far i must say i have been impressed these drives.

I also bought them as i need to RMA my plextor 716 as i think i killed it with the amount of buring i did on it. I thought i would have to send back the drive and being a burner down would screw up my business so i though get 1640’s and then rma the plextor. Turns out that plextor are just going to send me a new drive and leave the currnent 716 drive with me which is cool.

The best thing for me on the benq’s is the 16x read speeds as i have to verify my discs before i send them to customers this makes a burn verify 2 mins quicker than my 716 which is pretty cool.