Upgrade Philips Burner



I am an amateur at this but here goes. I have been trying to update my firmware for my Philips 4801 burner. I successfully upgraded to 2.1 and now trying to upgrade to 2.5 as my burner has not functioned since i upgraded from ME to XP. I found out on this site that i could download Flashtool to install the 2.5 and did that. At that point Flashtool told me that I needed to install ASPI for Adaptec and i downloaded that (there is a folder that told me that it was installed and working). Here is the problem: Flashtool continues to tell me to install ASPI.
Tch7198…a NOVICE


This isn’t going to answer your question but it will solve your problems… take it from someone with experience… just ditch that drive. Philips produces among the worst optical drives period. Even for simple tasks, they are unreliable at best. The best firmware for that drive is at the bottom of a landfill.

With quality optical drives being as affordable as they are, there is really no excuse not to get a newer unit.

Get yourself a LiteOn, Plextor or other quality drive. Just do some reading on the forums here and you’ll get an idea of what the better drives are. Then you can quit having as many headaches and enjoy life again.


Thanx , Grunjee. I think that u have told me something that I have suspected all along. I’ve been trying to correct this thing for almost 2 months with little success. When i came across this site I became hopeful, but I think it’s time to start researching for a new burner!!


Glad you’ve seen the light :slight_smile:

I don’t think you can go wrong with a LiteOn drive such as the 52327s (52x32x52). Don’t know where you’re at but here in the US you can get one for about $40.

Good luck and stay away from Philips drives :smiley: