Upgrade or Update from OEM 6

I have an OEM version 6.

If I want the latest full featured ultra update, do I buy the upgrade, or
do I have to buy the full version? :confused:

The upgrade should do you. You’ll get a new SN which you can enter in to get everything switched on. You may find it better to uninstall your current OEM stuff, then reinstall the latest download(s) using the new SN.

I just went through the same thing, and, aside from an annoying delay in getting the SN from them, everything seems to be working as expected. It’s still expensive, but I’m so used to the full interface, I found the OEM interface too annoying. I probably could have lived with it, but …

My burner came with Nero 6 OEM. Needing Recode 2, I downloaded both the NeroVision Express 3 ver upgrade and Nero 6 ver upgrade. I installed the Nero 6 OEM that came with my burner, then installed NeroVision Express 3 upgrade. I had to erase the serial number (copy first for later use), this will enable Recode to be loaded into the suite. Open Nero Express program, type in the saved serial number, close the program. Then install the Nero 6 ver upgrade.