Upgrade optical drive in R10-S613

I have an old R10-S613 Toshiba tablet PC that has now become my primary machine. It is old but it was free. I have upgraded the RAM and hard drive. Now I want to upgrade the optical drive since it is only a CD-RW/DVD reader. I need a DVD±R/RW DL drive but am unsure what type of connection it uses. I have done some research on the drive itself. It is a Panasonic drive with Part Number G8CC0001X411 and model number UJDA760. I have found 4 websites which list the connection as being IDE/EIDE. Now, does this mean that my PC can accept IDE drive or EIDE drives? The reason why I ask is because I am looking at three optical drives online at Newegg. One is located here, its interface is listed as being IDE. The second drive is listed as being EIDE and is located here. The last drive is IDE and is a bit more expensive but it is slot loading. I wouldn’t mind spending more money on a slot loading drive. Here is the drive.

So I guess my main question is: will the last drive I listed (the slot loading one) work with my tablet? If not, will the EIDE drive I linked work? I popped the existing optical drive out of my notebook and took off the plastic connector that Toshiba had on the back of it. The connection looks like it is IDE or EIDE (since both connections look the same). I can always post a close up picture of the connection if that would make a difference.