Upgrade OEM 1300A?

I have a NEC ND 1300A Drive in a eMachines PC bought from PC World last year, the firmware at 1.05 (Nero drive info program reports it as a NEC 1300A FW1.05 )

I’d like to upgrade the firmware so I can use the Orange Bulkpaq 4X DVD-R disks in the machine.

Will the firmware from the offical NEC site, http://www.necd.de/softwareoverview...id/557/lang/ENG work on this drive?

If not does anyone know where I can get the correct firmware upgrade?


We have about 120 NEC 1300’s here at work, all OEM’s that came with 1.05. Most have been flashed to NEC 1.08 (is that 9 now?) going through several versions all without problem.

I cannot advise you to do the same as you may invalidate your warranty.

You should be able to upgrade that drive to the latest firmware (1.0a).
Just flash it and if things go wrong you didn’t kill it yourself while upgrading the firmware remember :cool:

Thanks for the info, being the girlfriends drive I better hope it works okay :wink: