Upgrade Nero Burning ROM

I am using Nero Burning ROM

Nero 6 and Nero 7 exist.

Is there much benefit to using Nero Burning ROM 6 or Nero Burning ROM 7 to Nero Burning ROM If yes, do they exeed the costs (I really do do like a “reek of XP” interface)?

Versions 6 and 7 have more facilities and applications (I use 6), but if your present version does all you need and works well within your environement you have to judge by yourself if you want to pay the upgrade price or if you want the extra gooddies.

Look here to compare the packages:
version 6 - http://www.nero.com/nero6/en/Nero_StartSmart_2.html
version 7 - http://www.nero.com/nero6/nero7/eng/nero7-demo.php

Ahead uses to offer regular updates to correct buggs, but when you change versions you change problems, so its difficult to say that version 6 or 7, release x.x.xx is better than yours (for the common applications), besides on logical grounds it should be.

I’d suggest that V6 is the best option with or being the best versions.

That’s of course if you’re unhappy with your current version, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it is a useful motto.

I have no current need for applications like Nero Recode.

I use the Nero Burning ROM installer to install (includes Nero Burning ROM, Nero Cover Designer 2.2, Nero ImageDrive, Nero Wave Editor, Nero CD Speed, Nero DriveSpeed, and Nero InfoTool) the applications I use. I also install some plugins.

I then replace some of the included applications (for Nero Toolkit) with those availabe at http://www.cdspeed2000.com .

I then update to the current versions of CDROM.CFG and WNASPI.DLL (available at Nero AG website).

I would however like LightScribe support (something that Nero Burning ROM does ot seem to be bundled with). Would extracting the LightScribe extention(s) from a later intaller for Nero Burning ROM. Also if a plugin for LightScribe that works with Nero Burning ROM exist, I would like to know about it.