Upgrade my processor



Hi i have a gateway model gt5464 with intel dual core processor e2140, 1.6 ghz, 1mb shared l2 cache ,800 mhz fsb. 2. 1 gb ddr2 ram , at 533mhz . and intel graphics media accelerator 950. and i was wandering what would be the best processor that i could upgrade to, and also what kind of graphics card i should get. im going to be using this computer for gaming. thanks for the help pimpin.


One thing I would ask is for one to do a little search online where you can find alot about your computer from gateway site that contains all your computer specs and components. Here is the link.


As always be sure to check the manufacture site as they most likely have more information that you can use.
Also it looks like you can use PCI-E 16x cards in your system as well.


It looks like your computer has only a 300w power supply. If you get a powerful graphics card, you will need a heftier power supply. Make sure to get one from a good brand, like Antec, Enermax, Fortron Source, Corsair, Seasonic, PC Power and Cooling, etc.

If you shop online at Newegg the PCI-e cards often list recommended power supply requirements (though they are sometimes overstated). Make sure the power supply has the correct number and type of connectors for your choice of video card.


Most prebuilt PC’s have very limited upgradeability. The motherboard used in your system (with the vendor specific BIOS), likely only supports a few similar cpu models. The hassle and cost of the upgrade usually isn’t worth the small speed increase. With that said, try contacting the manufacturer and find out which cpu models are supported.