Upgrade my PII

Can someone point me in the right direction on how to upgrade
my PII 330Mhz machine.

My son is the main user and some of the software he is purcasing
has a min spec of PII 350Mhz. His latest purchase is Empire Earth
and I have a low engine error so I think it is time to upgrade to P4
and get a graphics card as well.

The existing computer has DVD- CDW 2x13Gig hard drives and runs on W98. Basically I am happy with the system so I would be gratefull for any info on how to change the Motherboard / Chip
Ram ect


Thanks for the info below folks Much appreciated

We’re gonna need the exact brand and type of the installed motherboard for this one.

If you like the rest of ur pc (optical drives. hdd, sound card, etc), I suggest you get a new motherboard. either a Intel based for pentium or VIA based for AMD, a new graphics card, probably a geforce4 mx, and a new cpu, probably a new celeorn core based or athlon.

And go with a DDR motherboard, Rambus is only for performance crazy, and it’s not even that much better. Via chipsets use DDR, the Intel 845G and some others use it, as does the SiS648 which I have, though many have had problems with this chipset.

Do never ever buy a VIA chipset for Pentium 4. If you want a buggy VIA chipset with bad PCI performance, corrupted isochrone transfers and silly bus arbitration algorithms, you can save some money and get an Athlon. For “normal” applications, you won’t have major problems caused by these bugs, and neither will an athlon be slower.

Maybe should first tell us how many money you want to spend / you can spend on this.

I think the best combo right now is a mobo with a KT333 chipset and a Athlon XP with a Palomino core. They are all cheaper than pentium and definitely are the best in value and everthing, as good manufacturers (i think the best for feature and stability and performance was one by Gigabyte, I’m not sure) even have RAID, USB 2.0, LAN, etc.

Go to www.tomshardware.com for those roundups of these motherboards, they got tons.

Unfortunately, Tom doesn’t know what he speaks about in some cases (to express it very diplomatically)…well, Athlons are not cheaper than Pentium 4s here at the moment, but I was told that this seems to be the case only here indeed :frowning:

Unfortunately, Tom doesn’t know what he speaks about in some cases

I never do trust large reviews anymore, unless multi ones all point to the same thing. I usually dont care about their opinion but about the facts that they represent. Like different CPU and mobo’s features and all that.

Athlons are not cheaper than Pentium 4s here at the moment, but I was told that this seems to be the case only here indeed

Well you gotta take into account location and core model. I’m not sure where you are, but here in the U.S. the Athlons with the same performance value as their Pentium counterparts are cheaper. Sure there are P4s that are cheaper, but they are not all Northwood cores, some are of the older cores that a lot of the Athlon XPs can beat. My very own 1900+, when I compare to benchmarks online with friends can beat like something between P4 1.6 and 1.9 ghz cpu. Of course when you go into reality, you have to take OS, background load, memory, versions, chipsets, deives, drivers, and etc. If you live in the U.S. I recommend checking www.pricewatch.com for cheapest prices.

You mean the Williamette core. This one was :Z :Z. The 2 GHz Williamette core had a power consumption of 100 W!

No, isn’t the Williamette core the new Celeron cpus? Like they are tuned down versions of P4s with smaller cache and all that? Well anyways, I just recommend Athlon XP for most people, then P4s, but I’m viewing in terms of cost and performance.

Williamette was first used in P4, but it might also be used in Celerons.

Is this intel/amd/chipset discussion helping paragon in any way ?

Yes. He wants to upgrade and has to decide between Intel and AMD.

check out toms hardware’s upgrade/build section. a while back (about 6-8 mo.) there was an article about upgrading a slot 1 mobo with a pIII. slot processors are still available for a little over 100 dollars. for a little more you can get a slotket and a socket pIII. very cheap upgrade path. you are limited to one gighz processor. and you do need a bx based mobo. if your sons mobo is an old intel based one, it may be a bx. check out the bios for info.


Upgrade upgrade upgrade.

I was never too thrilled with “upgrades,” I’m more of a revision type of person. Your son wants to play Empire Earth right? Then you need three important things: RAM, CPU, Graphics Card. And of course the motherboard (with the chipset) that supports all that. Also, your 2x13GB HDDs might need to be a lil bigger but it doesnt seem like an immediate problem.

Lets say you choose Athlon XP, of course the palmino core, its cheaper than P4s that has the same price. Now for motherboard, I’ll recommend a mobo armed with a KT333, you get to use the fastest DDR Ram, PC2700, (as the new KT400’s DDR400 isnt much faster since those RAM are slower, and faster ones are rare), and you get such things as built-in, sound cards, LAN, USB 2, and RAID controllers. I think the best is suppose to be this one by Giga-byte, check out the roundups for KT333 mobos by www.tomshardware.com if you can’t find it, tell me and I’ll do it.

Now for RAM you’ll need 512MB, either buy a stick or 2x256MB, remember RAM is a pc’s best friend…sorta. Last for the graphics card, I don’t know how much you wanna spend. Possible choices are a Geforce4 MX (either 420, 440, or 460 model, I think 440 is most popular, and popular means cheaper) or a Radeon 8500.

If you live in the U.S. go to www.pricewatch.com and dey’ll link u to the store with the best price.

Hope this helps