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Hi guys,
I been having a few problems with my computer (Most probably software) and I would like to just upgrade it.
I currently have a AGP 7600 GS 512mb Video Card that I would like to keep, just because it would be more conveneint. I was looking at maybe a E6400 but then I’ll have to try and find a motherboard with an AGP slot that also supports C2Ds. Iv’e got a 3.2Ghz processor and 2Gbs of Ram (DDR but thats not a prob if I have to get DDR2). Are there any boards that you can reccomend for me keeping in mind the price, or should I just sell the lot and start again? I need some advice!!
Thanks for your help,

Planned obcelesence.:frowning: PCI-E has been around for quite a while now and finding a Mobo that will work with the C2D and not have bottlenecks may be a chore. Mid range PCI-E vid cards are reasonably cheap and you can get a good C2D compatible board for around $130.00 (example Asus P5K SE) 2Gb Crucial Balliatix DDR2 6400 for around $100.00 and a nVidia 7600 or a 8600 vid card for around $150.00 depending on model. Easier to start from scratch would be my guess.:slight_smile:


No idea what the exchange rate is


AGP & PCI-E on one board, for the totaly undecided!

Yes I think I will just start again! What do you think would be the equivalent of my 7600 GS 512mb card in PCI-E, It puts out the performance I need :smiley: & what’s the difference between a good borad (Like the one mentioned above - Asus P5K SE) and a not so good board? Is it the features it will have? Would it be worth spending a bit more on the motherboard and getting a better one? Thanks for all your help guys, I don’t know what else I woulda done! :bow:

What I meant by a good board is a chipset that works and is designed for the C2D. Some older boards have to have a bois update to recognise the newer chips. Most work with out issues others work better. What you want in a board is also a big if! Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, Abit and the others make the newer P35 Boards from the basic least expensive models to very expensive packed with features that most will never use. Some older boards still have 2 IDE ports that can be useful when operating lot’s of drives and the newer ones only have one. So far the P35 chip seems to work best with the newer intel chips and there are a lot to choose from so some research on google would probably help you pick one for your needs. I am not a vid card guru so maybe someone can pitch in and help you out with the the equivalent of your 7600 GS 512mb.:slight_smile:

Ditch AGP and get a decent board with integrated graphics for now and upgrade later.
Seems like a very nice board for C2D.

I buy lots of motherboards at Newegg and Tiger Direct on the net. Check the specs. Lots of cheap motherboards will use what you already have with a couple of SATA ports added on.

Hi again,
Just letting you know what I ended up doing… I got rid of everything and started again! I got a Gigabyte GA-965P-S3 Motherboard. Is this a “P35” board like mentioned above?? Do you think this is a decent board? It has all the feature I wanted like the InBuilt HD Sound, ATX Size, 4 Dimm Slots & can take Quad Core for later upgrade! Always gotta plan ahead!! A C2D E6600 - The highest C2 it can take other than the E6700. A 7600 GT 256mb PCI-E Graphics which I’m hoping will give out at least the same performance if not more. Finally 3 Gig of ram - 2x1Gb & 2x512Mb which should do the job!
Thanks for all the advice guys, It really helped me out!

No, its not…
What you’ve purchased is a i965P-based motherboard which isnt the same but unless you overclock I doubt you’re going to notice a difference. In case you’re wondering 965P is the previous generation compared to P35. It’s a good board so you dont have to worry.

Problems… :a
Ohk… I got a problem. I put everything together - the CPU, video card, ram, HDD, connected the 24 pin power connector to the motherboard, connected the 4 pin fan connector but when I turn it on the CPU fan doesn’t spin. Its like it gets a quick burst of power because it flinches then nothing. Then rest of the computer runs for a few seconds (can hear the HDD running and the Video Card fan is spinning) then the fan spins but just before it gets to full speed the computer shuts itself off… :confused: Nothing appears on the screen either… Have I not got a connection plug in?? I know its not the fan because I have two that it does exactly the same on. I unplug the HDD and it does the same thing, Take out the Video card and it beeps and shuts off, if i take out all the ram it beeps and shuts off… so I think its not either off them… but I’m not really sure.
Would this be the motherboard? I dont have any way of testing these so im thinking of just taking it into a computer shop and getting them to do it!
Hopefully I just left off a connector or something because its really annoying me!!
Thanks for your help in advance!! :smiley:

Any ideas guys? I really need your help!

Have you tried to re-fit (pull it all out and back in again) everything in the case? My guess is a shortcircuit somewhere and/or too weak PSU. Try to only use whats necessary. Mainboard, RAM (1 stick), Videocard, CPU + CPU Fan, you should at least get a POST.

Yes I re-fit everything but that made no difference, I did however test the voltage on the red and black pins and it came up with varied voltages between 5 and 7 - From what I can remember it is meant to be 12v… Hmm… I may have found the problem!!
What do you think?
But if it is the PSU why is it not working now because I thought it would have had a bigger power drain before with the 3.2Ghz… Although I have got a bigger motherboard now and a 24 pin connector rather than 20 on the old board.
Thanks for your help,

Going off one of the conectors to power hard drives etc, the red wire is your 5 volt line and the yellow is the 12v line. If the 5v line is going up to 7v, you have serious issues with that power supply (you could kill stuff with voltages going out that much). Either there is something wrong with your power supply, or it is seriously being overloaded. Are you using a multi meter to get voltages?

I got a new PSU and same problem :a :a
So now what? I have no way of testing the other components, I might just take it into a computer shop unless there is any other way of testing them… Any ideas?

Theres a connection off the top of the video card, Do you know what this is for? Does this need to be plugged in?

[QUOTE=NaTH98;1916354]Theres a connection off the top of the video card, Do you know what this is for? Does this need to be plugged in?[/QUOTE]Yes. Many powerful VGA cards need additional power that is drawn via this connector.

The new PSU I got says it has 2 PIC-E Power connectors, and I believe these are 6 and 8 pin connectors that look similar to the 4 pin fan connector only bigger. The “Power Connector” on my video card however does not fit to these 6 or 8 pin connectors, It is the same type of connection as the slot that goes into the motherboard

  • I have attached a picture and circled the connection I mean, This is not actually my card but the same connection -
    Do you know what this connection is for? If it is for power could it be causing the computer to run for 5 seconds then shut off? With my old comp it displayed the Video Card stats first, so maybe it is detecting it is not plugged in and shutting down before it display anything.
    Thanks for all you help,

That looks like an Asus video card. What you’re pointing to is nVidia’s SLI (Scalable Link Interface), which can be used with another SLI video card to split the tasks up of decoding/processing, etc. That is NOT a 6/8-pin PEG power connector.

Just curious… is your motherboard the Rev 1.0? I ran into a similar problem with this revision + an E6600, and switching PSU’s had no effect. Rev 3.3 didn’t exhibit the same problems (with the S3 or DS3).

Not certain this could be your problem, but if you’re getting close to the no-hassles return deadline you might want to switch your board out for a newer build.