Upgrade HDD in my Samsung NC10, Black

[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung NC10, Black. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I bought a Samsung NC10 Netbook about one month ago. I decided to swop the WD SATA ll 5400 rev 160 gb HDD for a new SAMSUNG SATA ll 160 gb HDD rev 7200. I had this spare after a project was abandoned. I very carefully cloned the 3 partitions on the original drive to the new Samsung HDD. Examined carefully, it seemed identical. I then installed the Samsung drive into the NC10. The pre-installed OS was, by the way Windows XP Home. The machine booted up OK, but then hung at the Windows first page. Why would this happen. The three partitions are :- EISA configuration - Recovery (6gb), C: drive (118gb), D: drive (25gb) The D: drive contains folders /files for Back-up, following on screen prompts when I first switched the netbook on. I was very careful to make what would be the new C: drive active and copied the MBR. I used Nortons Ghost for all this. I am puzzled why a Samsung netbook cannot boot of a brand new Samung drive. I shall be pleased for any help. I am a retired accountant and not very computer aware. If possible please make any advice easy to follow.

Can you boot into safe mode?

The original WD drive is now back in the machine and working perfectly. With the Samung HDD the netbook booted up OKand then hung at the first Windows page. I am not usre how to boot up in Safe Mode as a choice. I have only ever done this from a screen prompt, after say a power failure at the mains and thus not a proper shut down. I am a little reluctant to put the faster drive back in the machine. Was I correct when cloning to make only what would become the new C: drive active and only copy the MBR to that drive? I want to eliminate any cloning questions. As mentioned the cloning seemed identical i.e. exact agreement in number of folders/files etc.

To be honest I’ve never used Norton Ghost and I don’t know why, if cloning the C: drive, you would have to copy the MBR. If you have C: as the active partition then you should be O.K. Your C: has to also be the primary partition. I still think you should try booting to Safe Mode.

Motherboard BIOS probably did not recognize the drive properly.

May have to upgrade the bios to handle the 7200

When you first boot up you need to go into the bios ( the DEL key or F2 are the most common keys to get into the BIOS ) After you get into the bios just go to save and exit, do not change anything at this time, it will make any changes it can and reboot.

Hopefully that will be enough to correct for the new drive.

Hi again. The first chance I get I will re-install the faster drive and see if it will boot up in Safe Mode. I presume Windows Help has instructions how to do this. Once again many thanks,

I will also try getting into and then exiting the Bios to see if that helps. I downloaded a Bios upgrade from the Samung website only a week ago. Have re-checked tonight and there are no further upgrades.

To get into safe mode press the F8 key before windows starts to load after the post.

Try just going into the bios and saving before upgradeing,sometimes thats all that is needed to get it up and stable before flashing ( upgrading ) a bios.

Hi again. Having re-installed the 7200 rev Samung drive, I tried starting in Safe Mode and nothing improved. The netbook still hung at Windows first page.

I also got into the BIOS screen on boot-up, exited as advised and still no improvement.

The EISA partition is the first one on the cloned drive, as it is on the original WD drive when I bought the machine, as shown in Disk Management. I have noticed however that in Disk Defrag the EISA partition is not shown for the original drive, but is present for the cloned drive. In My Computer, neither EISA partition is shown.

I am tempted now to simply clone the C: drive and see if the netbook will work just from that.

I Googled EISA configuration, but it was all above my head

Meanwhile, thank you all for your advice.


Can you burn a recovery disk?
It might be better to do a recovery from a cd/dvd disc rather than cloneing.
Something may not have transferred right.Also if you clone you do not need to copy the mbr, everything is there.

What version of Ghost did you use?

The eisa partition is just a recovery partition. There might be a recovery option from Start/All Programs or an F key that you press on boot up. These partitions are usually “locked”, meaning you can’t delete or read/write to them from within windows and probably when you cloned it a flag didin’t get set, that is why the cloned eisa partition shows up in Defrag while the original doesn’t. Your thought about just cloning the C: drive is a good idea.

I can burn recovery DVD’s, in fact I did this just for the C: drive last night. I did not realise I could do a clean install from that. Do I simply re-install the Samsung drive and then load the DVD into the external drive? The full back-up only ran to two DVD’s which the operation verified. Sounds great!! The Samsung drive is at the moment just formatted. Nortons Ghost is Version 9 which I have had for years for my desktop.

Thank you for the very clear explanation of the EISA partition. Was this pre-installed when I got the NC10 or did the first back-up put it there? I was quite surprised when I first looked in My Computer to see that my 160 gb drive only totalled 143gb (118gb +25gb) I know that drives/flash memory never show in full but this seemed a bit much until I came across the EISA partition. Is there a prog in this partition or is it simply data?

To return to my first paragraph, can I use the back-up DVD’s to install to a Samsung 32gb SLC ssd? This is my real intention, despite playing about with the Samsung 160gb HDD, which has been in a way experience, which I badly need… I travel a lot now I am retired and would like the robustness of a ssd. I will keep my photographs and music on SDHC 16gb cards so the drop in capacity would be no problem. and it makes burning back-up DVD’s quite fast.
The NC10 has a built in card reader. I have a fast Corsair Voyager Flash GT pen drive for transfer from my desk top to my NC10

Once again many thanks to all. I am really enjoying my time on the various forums.


John again. I forgot to mention that the NC10, because it had no built in dvd drive, is set to boot off an external optical drive first. This is great for me. On my desktop, I have to get into Set-Up and play about with the boot priority, if I want to install a new OS.

The eisa partition comes pre-installed, you did not create it. As for installing from the backup DVD’s I really can’t say. There is no way you can use the backup DVD’s to install the OS on a USB flash drive. You will need a copy of a Windows install disk.

I managed to upgrade my drive eventually. Having cloned the three partitions separately on the original WD to the Samsung 7200 rev hdd, and re-installed the latter, instead of just waiting after switching the NC10 on, I pressed the F4 key during bootup. Almost immediately the EISA partition sprang into action and loaded Windows files. After this, the screen prompts took me to an option for a Complete Restore, with the further option to Restore the machine to its original state or the last backup. I opted for the last back up, which was on the D: drive and everything proceeded perfectly! The Netbook was exactly as it was before I swopped the drive. Emails, Favourites, progs, drivers etc. A message popped up saying "New Hardware Added and named the Samsung drive, even to the 12 digit model number. I was asked to Restart, and when the machine started up again everything was great. Even a bluetooth mouse I had installed worked perfectly. By the way the 7200 rev drive was noticeably faster than the WD 5400, if anybody is considering a change-over.

The next day, after I knew the netbook was completely stable, and not about to throw a wobbler, I decided to try to install the Samsung 32gb SLC ssd. I had tried this before, just cloning the C:drive on the original WD hdd, and the netbook would not boot up at all. All I got was a message saying “Wrong Disk Configurations, Check Partitions”. This time I cloned the EISA partition (5gb, 2gb free space) and left the rest of the capacity for what I hoped would be the new C: drive. I installed the ssd and on boot-up pressed the F4 key. Again the EISA partition did its job and loaded Windows files. When the next Restore screen came up I opted to restore to the netbooks original state. Everything was perfect, exactly as it came out of the box. It even knew that I had registered the netbook shortly after first switch on. I loaded a few extra drivers and small progs which come with the package on a separate DVD. Again it recognised the exact model number of the new ssd, and after a Restart everything was great.

The ssd is like lightning, much faster than before. I didn’t need the 160gb capacity of the previous drive/s for emails, web browsing and photo manipulation with Adobe 7. My music collection is now on a SDHC16gb card, likewise my various photo galleries on another similar card. The netbook has a built in card reader so I find this convenient and very speedy.

I would like to thank all the kind people who have advised a newbie like me in this epic. Becoming a member, just a few days ago, has been super.


Glad to hear you got everything going like you want.
Those ssd drives are sweet aren’t they.

We have all been newbie’s at one time and I like to think that I am paying back for those that helped me when I started.

Happy Computing


Glad to hear you got everything going like you want.
Those ssd drives are sweet aren’t they.

We have all been newbie’s at one time and I like to think that I am paying back for those that helped me when I started.

Happy Computing[/QUOTE]

After I installed the Samsung ssd, with the great help of members, I was later able to buy a Mtron slc ssd at a bargain price, approx £40. A new price was over three times that in Feb 09. This was the same capacity (30 gb) but faster.

I made a partion of 5 gig on the Mtron ssd, cloned the EISA with Nortons Ghost, Installed the ssd in the Samsung NC110, pressed F4 on boot-up and the EISA did its job and installed XP in the remaining space on the ssd.

The new C drive worked fine. I installed all the drivers from the disk which came with the NC10 , other progs and it was full steam ahead.

Now I require some HELP!! Over the present hols I removed the Mtron ssd and replaced it with the previous Samsung slc ssd. This was working perfectly when I last used it and to my mind it was a perfect backup. My intention was just to update it and bring it in line with the Mtron ssd. Nothing on the TV, except the usual Xmas rubbish of course!!!

The Samsung drive, booted up perfectly, then to my amazement started to load various files on a black screen. The message read something like, “loading Windows files, please wait”. I was expecting to have a fully running machine with no complications like this!!!

It next proceeded in a Samsung Recovery Mode. After a while and various screens it then said there was no back up files found and did I want to return to its factory settings or Turn Off…

I lost my nerve, opted for turn off, reinstalled the Mtron ssd, crossed my fingers, switched the netbook back on and everything worked perfectly as before.

I thought this was a very narrow squeak for a newbie! Auto detect is on in the BIOS.by the way, and obviously picked up on the Samsung ssd. My perfect back up Samsung ssd was not quite so perfect after all!!

Is a perfect back up replacement disk possible? Now I am retired, I travel a lot, mainly to South East Asia. I take the NC10 netbook on all travels as it is light and rugged with it’s ssd. Like all netbooks it has no built in R/W drive I have an external dvd burner, but have no wish to cart this to SE Asia. Swopping drives in the NC10 is a few minutes work with a small screwdriver. In my ignorance my “perfect backup disk” went everywhere on my travels. I thought I was fool-proof.

Recovery partition, EISA configured, are a mystery to me. They do not appear in My Computer, cannot be opened , or read or written to. The only place they show up is in Disk Management, but NOT in Disk Defrag by the way.

It may be necessary for this saga to be read from the beginning, but after all its still the hols. If you read back you will see that the NC10 netbook came with a 160gb hdd. There were three partition, EISA, the C drive and a D drive which was backup.

I shall be pleased for our gurus help.

Happy New Year to all members.


When/if you encounter this problem in the future.

Take the cloned drive and connect it in any convenient way
(say in a USB enclosure?) to ANY computer running Windows XP/Vista/7 Os.

Start>Control Panel> Administrative tools>Computer management.>Disc management.

When you get the disc management page loaded full screen the page and look at the drive
and in particular at the partition where the system will be. Right next to the word "healthy"
the word “active” should be there in parantheses, if it isn’t that is likely your problem.

To fix this problem move the cursor over that partition in the picture RIGHT CLICK and a little
popup menu appears left click on the third item down “Mark partition as Active”

Remove the drive from your computer and try it in the other computer as a system drive.

The issue is that the many cloning programs doesn’t make any particular partition the "Active"

when the computer is booted with only one active partition (and it contains a valid OS installation)
it will make that active partition the “system” partition.


With reference to your last two sentences above, the drive is not a cloned drive.

It is a Samsung ssd drive I removed from my Samsung NC10, when I purchased a Mtron ssd because it was fast and cheap. The Samsung drive was working perfect at removal, sytems installed progs, email accounts etc

I installed the Mtron drive, went through the installation procedure as described and this is working perfectly. It is the machine I am posting on at this moment

What I wish to do is to make the now spare Samsung ssd drive, a “perfect back up”. By this I mean one I can simply physically install in the netbook, I am at this moment using, if I have problems on my travels. This is a few moments work with a small screwdriver. The spare Samsung drive has not been touched since I removed it from the netbook. It is intact with all the systems files, progs email accounts, favourite folder etc.

My intention was, as described to update the Samsung ssd over the recent festive hols.as a “perfect backup drive” for my travel. One i could simply “screwdriver in” on my travels.

Perhaps I should mention that both drives have a Samsung Recovery folder.installed. Is this why it went into recovery mode

Sorry for the missing question mark in the last sentence and any typos, missing apostrophes and commas.

I use a bluetooth mouse as I hate touchpads. I usually disable them, but I forgot… Brushed the touchpad and the posting sped off before I had chance to edit it!!

I shall be obliged for any help. I hope I have made clear just where I am coming from, and that the first day back at work went well for you all.

Been there, done it , got the T shirt.

I love being retired.