Upgrade HDD in DVD recorders

Is it possible to upgrade HDD in dvd recorders? For example buy one with 80 GB Hard disk and upgrade it to 120 or 250… Thanks :bow:

For some, yes, but certainly not all.

You’d need to be more specific about a machine before any further advice can be given.

I am concidering to buy LG RH7800. What’s your opinion. Is it required to write both + and - disks?

Yes, this model can write +R and -R disk and it’s a good value for money, even more if you buy the 7500 and upgrade the hard disk following the link below :


It takes a while to load

Thank you for your answer. It was very helpfull.
What is the difference between LG RH7800 and LG RH7800H ? Also between LG RH7800 and LG RH7500 ? Only the HDD size or there is any other difference ? (For example input and outputs ?)

The “H” at the end of the model’s name means HDMI (a High Definition Audio/Video output to be connected to a High Definition TV)

The only difference between the 7500, 7800 and 7900 model is the Hard Disk size, 80, 160 or 250 Gigas

It will be that commercial models of DVD recorder exist that have occult, the possibility of connecting one hdd???


[QUOTE=Swiftaras;1154284]Is it possible to upgrade HDD in dvd recorders? For example buy one with 80 GB Hard disk and upgrade it to 120 or 250… Thanks :bow:[/QUOTE]
I have NEC 160GB HDD DVD recorder model NDH-81, Can I Replace the HDD with a 500GB ?

You’ll have to do some research on a site like AVS.com and others to see as I haven’t heard of that one so can’t say if it will take a bigger drive.
The Philips 3576 and Magnavox clone of it sold at walmart in the USA will, up to 500 gig.
There are others but it depends on the unit and some need special codes or remotes or whatever to take them, some will automatically format a new drive, other wont take one at all or only format to the size they originally had.
You could always just crack it open and see what happens but you might loose your old data or whatever so that’s always a risk that only you can decide to take.
This threads quite old now but maybe somebody else might know the answer for you or you can try looking and searching on the specialty sites like I said, good luck.

Dartman is correct, there are active, ongoing discussions of upgrading hard drives in HDD/DVD recorders found at the AVS Forum. The easiest to upgrade are recent and current US model Philips and Magnavox HDD/DVD recorders. Most of the AVS Forum discussions center upon North American products or international model Panasonic and Pioneer HDD/DVD recorders being sold by a few online specialty stores in the USA or Canada. See this sub-forum:


I did a polaroid 2001g to 250 gig just by plugging in the drive, then later I got the philips 3575 and when a user finally posted the codes to test and format the internal drive I think I was the first one to actually plug the same 250 into the unit.
It still works fine today and is maybe about 2/3 full right now. I don’t use it as much as I used to since I started doing HDTV caps on my PC then recently picked up a WDTV live networked media player and added a 1.5 terabyte USB drive :bigsmile:

I have a Pioneer DVR-640H-S DVD recorder for years. It works fine until last week. I tried to optimize the internal 160 Gb hard drive but failed. It seems I need to change the hard drive to a new one.
My question is : is it possible for me to replace a bigger hard drive by myself, say 250Gb ?
Is there any known trick(s) for doing so ?

Thank you very much