Upgrade Graphics from Microsoft or nvidia website?



I’ve been trying to help a friend updating her graphics card. I went to DEVICE MANAGER>DISPLAY>Nvidia geforce FX5200>
properties/driver, and the driver was listed as a Microsoft driver. Signed date 2004.
I went to the nvidia site and that driver was 2008.
Does this mean I have to get this updated driver from Microsoft, or could I simply get it from Nvidia? it’s Dell Demension 4100, so I don’t know if it is onboard or a separate PCI card, in which case I would go to Nvidia. Thank you…


I would go to Nvidia’s site to get the driver if the card is a FX5200 it is more than
likely a separate card and not on-board video. The VGA/DVI plug-in will be down and
away from the other plug-ins on the back of the computer in one of the expansion slots
where-as the on-board VGA plug-in will be all grouped together in the rear backplate shield. :iagree:

It really doesn’t matter if it is on-board or a separate video card when it comes to Nvidia’s
video drivers as they will work with either one as long as you select the correct driver to start
with. I wouldn’t recommend getting the drivers from Microsoft as they are usually older than
what Nvidia has on their site. :disagree:


I have the fx5200 (agp) in my rig with XP SP3.
The default Windows driver, version 5673, is not full featured.
After a lot of testing, I have been running version 9131 whql from the nvidia site for a couple of years now without any issues with this card.


Thank you,
uSerKey and getit29,
yes the default driver is the date 4/07/2004, and the nvidia driver from their site fro a FX5200 was 175.19 date signed 2008-07-09.

So YES, go ahead and download from Nvidia? Thanks.

This computer is hanging and takes (I’m not kidding you) about five minutes to log on to the internet from the power button. I’m trying to help my friend and his grlfrd out. I’ve downloaded malwarebytes and ran a full scan, found 14 viruses. removed.

Ran a de-fragmentation, open the tower case and blew out a lot of dust. it really need the OS to be reformatted,but they tell me they can’t find the backup disk. They have Verizon FIOS high speed service,but acts like it’s on Dial-Up! Very frustrating.

They can not afford a new computer, so I think they would have to go to DELL and buy a reboot disk to reload all the window files that could be corrupted.

They also had Bearshare of all things on as their browser,which I removed last time I was over,but without doing anything (what they told me) it magically reappeared.

I went to ADD / REMOVE PROGRAMS, and tried to uninstall, but it not complete the uninstall. I went to REGEDIT and manually removed all instances from the Software folder on each of the folders,emptied recycle bin, restarted the computer then updated from SP2 to SP3 from microsoft, then updated IE from v.6. to v.7, which started doing a malware and malicious file search and dump. It has two 512MB ram.
They both use AOL as their e-mail,but not verizon…I’ve heard that aol is not all that friendly with all the stuff they load onto a O.S.
The only way to see an improvement I told them, is to buy a new computer! OR buy more memory, wipe the hard drive and re-install a clean O.S. Thanks!


If it is a 4100 that is a pretty old system to start with :eek: what OS are they
running if it is XP or earlier Dell will not have a restore disc for it at all. The
only way that I know of to restore it to a fresh factory state is to find some-
one that has a factory restore disc for that model and borrow it or go on eBay
and buy a restore disc for a 4100 off of there.

There is another alternative though and that is to buy a full Windows disc the same
version they are using now and download the drivers off of Dell’s site and save them
to a flash drive and format the hdd and install a new copy of Windows and re-install
the drivers off of the USB flash drive.

That is the way to go if buying a new system is out of the question right now and buying
a Dell restore disc for a 4100 if you can find one would be the cheapest route to go. :iagree:



that system needs to be reinstalled from scratch. If a Windows install disc is available, there is no problem to get drivers for this system. Even the drivers from Windows Update (must be selected manually) are more than good enough.
There is no need to worry about the VGA drivers from Windows Update, since these are original Nvidia drivers without modifications. But since this is a old card, an older driver version from Nvidia’s archive is the better option, IMO.

Another driver source is Dell support website. Enter the Service Tag which is normally located on the back of the computer, and you will be offered all drivers needed for that particular system.