Upgrade for ripping/burning blu-ray

I use to back up my dvds, and have since upgrading my home entertainment center to support blu-ray and 3d. Now I am trying to back up my blu-ray media.

It didnt use to take no time to back up my dvds, however trying to backup blu ray is taking hours and hours. I want to resolve this. I have a old system and blu-ray burner, so I know this is part of it. But I want a solid answer. I want to be able to copy a blu-ray in less then an hour like many on here have claimed. If not atleast under 2 hours.

I am running windows 7 ultimate edition. Intel Core 2 6600 @ 2.40 GHZ. BH-08LS20 LG blu-ray burner. 2Gb of Ram. Using DvdFab to copy.

also there anyway to cut down the copying time significantly without doing a full system upgrade?

The timing sounds about right to take a few hours. You have to understand the aspects of Blu-Ray compared to DVD’s as they are like apples and oranges. It takes me a few hours at most to do it with my current system.

I should have been more specific in my original post. To do a straight rip takes about an hour, which would be great if DL disk didnt cost almost $10 a disc after shipping lol. If I compress the movie it takes 7 hours. How can I get the compression down under 2 hours atleast, or is a full system upgrade required here?

Your drive can already read B-roms at 6x which is pretty quick. Their are faster blu ray drives out there. You can consider getting a SSD drive to rip the disc to, then when you process the files you can either do it on the SSD drive or send them to your HDD as they are processed. Corsair F60

Then if the SSD drive doesn’t speed up your system enough, you could then use that SSD as a boot drive and you will get a nice boost in performance.

Sounds like a good idea but its not a sure thing. I also herd about useing cuda from NVidia but I have an ati Video card. With the SSD and getting an Nvidia Cuda capable video card what kind of performance time could I see. Is there a chance it would decrease it to less then 2 hours. Or am I going to have to shell out the money for a new motherboard/CPU???

Very few people are pleased with the quality of encoding with Cuda as it exists today. Most of us who work with blu ray rips are using software solutions instead and faster machines.

I have been able to do a blu ray encoding job from 29gb to ~9gb .mkv file in less than two hours using the CRF encoding setting in BD Rebuilder. See the first post in this thread: http://club.myce.com/f142/encoding-mkv-files-bd-rebuilder-319333/

But I am using a 6 core AMD machine running at 3.4ghz.