Upgrade firmware from overclocked liteon

at first i have to say that my english is not so good. (what else could you expect from a teener who lives in holland :stuck_out_tongue: )

yesterday i have overclocked my liteon 40125s to a 48125w firmware version vs02 :bow:
but now is my question if i can update this firmware to vs08 from the original lite-on site? :confused:
or do i need a binary file again with mtkflash.exe and update the firmware in dos again? :confused:

You can, and should, use the VS08 flasher from the LiteOn site.
Happy flashing…:slight_smile:

Yep that is a better f/w

max speed 48.67Vs08
40-12-48 @48-12-48.

Groeten exhaust Franeker :smiley:

and i was wondering.

how do you guys calculate these speeds?
-average write speed
-maximum write speed.

in nero i can only see 32, 40, or 48x but no average or maximum writing speeds.

We use Nero CD-Speed :slight_smile:

how do you guys calculate these speeds?

You can set Nero to show the actual write speed during the burn. Look in the Burning Software forum for the sticky thread β€œNero tip”