Upgrade Firmware - 411s@811s - problem



Pardon my ignorance in this matter…Here’s my problem

I have a 411s@811s via the Z-mod. The drive is successfully recognizes as an 811s. The current firmware version is HS0K. However, whenever I try to flash with a newer firmware version (HS0P, HS0Q), the drive will blink orange. A hard reboot will not fix the problem. I eventually have to resort to reflashing back to HS0K.

Is the something that I’m supposed to do to the binary before flashing?



You must patch the firmware to remove the EEPROM check.


A couple of things I can suggest.

i) Take your ORIGINAL EEPROM and run the v4 patcher over it. This will patch the EEPROM with the correct checksum generation for you - so it will accept REAL, non hacked firmwares

ii) Try sending it back to a 411S, popping the new, patched EEPROM on, then attempt to put the new, flashfixed version of HS0Q on.



I tried your first suggestion…

It WORKED! Yeeeeeeehhhhhhaaaaawwww!!! I’m in business!

I luv…ahem

Thanks! :bow:


:-D. Wonderful! :cool: