Upgrade DVDFabfrom v 2.9.1



Hi, apologize for this basic question, cannot find anything on the forum
Have an old version of DVDFab Gold 2.9.1, is there a FREE upgrade/ and if so how?
thank you very much


Hi davidg and welcome to cdfreaks.

I’m surprised a search didn’t net you some info… :confused:
Anyway, yes there’s a free upgrade, but you’ll need a new key. You need to use the same email address as when you made your original purchase.
Just use this link:

Any problems just post back.


thank you very much


Your welcome… :wink:


Download the latest version from [B]Read First DVDFab is out[/B] at beginning of this section.

You will need to get a new key with auto send under support or contact on DVDFab.com. You will need the email address that you used to purchase or the last one you changed. If email address has changed, you can use the same place to update your new email address.

You can install version 3 without uninstalling version 2.



Maineman, got the key information, should just download/install the latest ver. over the old one or should I uninstall?
thank you again for your help


The applications are separate. Some ppl. have gotten into trouble by uninstalling v.2xxx. I suspect this was the result of an incomplete uninstall.
Most of us, myself included, had no trouble just installing the new version without any prep.

Again, if you run into any problems, just holler.
Someone is usually around.


Thank you Maineman and Bigmacnc
will go ahead