Upgrade 32123S to 48125S using 1S01

Will it work?

Read the FAQ :slight_smile:

Originally posted by alexnoe
Read the FAQ :slight_smile:

But has it been verified? I remember the model 32123S has long been classfied as “non-upgradable” till the debut of the new XSU1 firmware. So I just wonder if the introduction of the new firmware 1S01 will bring us any good news.

I think what we all should have learnt from the whole 32123s overclocking thing is “never say never”. The 32123s was not able to be overclocked because there was no higher firmware, until the xsu1 that is. So, I had the same thoughts as you, and flashed with the 1s01 fw. It produced the same results as other unsuccessful attempts to OC the 32123s. ie. drive tray goes haywire, open/close 3 times etc. Did not attempt to burn or read anything. So, went back to xsu1 fw. Never lose the inclination to have a go! Think of how many people would still be burning at 32x if not for the Polish guy who was brave enough to flash with xsu1!

BTW, alexnoe, no offence, but the faq will always be one step behind. ie. you had to update the “32123s can not be upgraded” part after that was shown to be false. :wink:

32123S was considered not upgradeable because there was no 3-chipset-firmware for 40x writing. It now is upgradeable because there is such a firmware, XSU1. And IF liteon releases an 48x firmware for the 3-chipset-series, then it will probably work for 32123S, too. But that’s a big IF

1S01 is of course a 5-firmware, so it can’t work. The bad thing about XSU1 is that the drives name is 40125S, although the chipset it’s based on is 3

The name is such that the recording softwares didn’t need to be updated for a new model, i guess. This way most of them will see the drive and work just fine. Also they were probably trying to do this without people noticing what was going on (probably getting rid of some old stock of 32123s drives…). I don’t believe we’ll ever see a 48x firmware for this drive, cause 40x seems to stretch it quite a bit already.