Upgradable from gift?

Here’s the situation:
I have a licence for CloneCd and GameJackal attached to my own name,however,for AnyDvd I don’t…since I won it as a prize at another forum’s contest.
I can’t provide the full information to buy the AnyDvd to AnyDvdHD upgrade,since that forum is closed now.So I can’t contact the prize donor anymore…:frowning:
I have the serial and the buyer’s name…is there any chance to buy the upgrade with only that info???

Hi :slight_smile:
Try it. :iagree:
If you get nowhere try reporting it via this page. Where you see Topic. Use the dropdown to get the appropriate heading. (In this case Purchase problem).

Thank you for the suggestion…
I contacted Slysoft,and although they’re very friendly and pollite,it seems that getting an upgrade this way will be very doubtful,according to their technical support…
A fraction of their answer:

"I need a note from the owner of the license as this kind of transaction
short-circuits the license agreement and our policy. The license is nearly
three years old.

I need to check into its origin and I’ll get back to you but under these
circumstances I am doubtful that you can just take over the ownership based on
someone’s good intentions."

As I stated in my 1st post,and also in my mail to them,I can’t contact the prize donor anymore,because that forum is gone…:(:frowning:


They did it!!!:bow::bow:
This great company allowed me to upgrade AnyDvd to AnyDvd HD!
In less than a day I received their final answer…now THAT’S what I call support!:bow: