Upg. Memorex 40MAXX to Lite-On 48X?

Turns out CompUSA had a handful of Memorex 40Maxx’s for $59.99 so I ended up getting two of those instead of the 32Maxx’s that I had originally gone there for (which were $59.99 as well).

I flashed a 40Maxx (semi-blindly) into a LiteOn 48X (VS02).

The flash seemed successful. Rebooted and Windows picked up my new drive. Nero (newest ver) sees it too.

All I have on me right now are my 16X blanks (PNY… hey it was on sale). These worked like a charm on my old drive, Yamaha 16x10x40. But on my 48X they generated “Power calibration error” even when I told Nero to burn it at 16X or even 12X.

On a more positive note, it can read everything as advertised and it seems to simulate 48x okay… :stuck_out_tongue:

Am I missing something? Should I get the newest firmware? Or are Memorex 40X’s just not suitable for overclocking to 48X?

Interesting thing I found, having bought TWO of these FortyMAXX drives. The first one that I flashed before I even tested in “original” state refuses to burn even with the ORIGINAL firmware installed. Nero constantly gave me “power calibration error” on my old 16X blanks at 16X even 8X as well as on Memorex 24X blanks (go figure). My guess: It was screwed before I even O/Cd it. And if it wasn’t, then it is now. Thank god for return-exchange policy.

As for the second one, I put that one in my machine, and it works great in its original state. Second guessing whether or not I should even bother O/Cing it now. The gain is minimal and it’ll be a pain in the ass explaining to CompUSA how I got TWO faulty drives from them, if it really is the case that flashing the FortyMaxx renders it useless for burning.

If anyone has gotten one of these things to fly (read AND WRITE) as a 48X Lite-On, please feel free to chime in. :confused:

My FortyMaxx #1 is going back to CompUSA today for an identical swap (see previous post). As for FortyMaxx #2, I upgraded it to a 48X (VS02) and it seems to operate great at 16X (my blanks rating). However I’m all out of faster blanks so I can’t tell if it works well at 32-48X.

More later…